The three most famous cities of Fansil Bania are Philadelphia, which is led by many people, Harrisburg, a fansil bulyi -led Harrisberg, and another city. . Pittsburgh’s steel industry has slowly declined since the mid -20th century, but has recently developed into a new image of sports, culture, art and education. Whatever you do, Pittsburgh is the first to think of Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Melon, Andy Warhol, Rachel Carson, and Heinz, and it is also the city with the most legs. The reason is that there was a tremendous steel mill and coal mines, including the world’s largest steel mills, and crossed the yellow bridge across the Elleheny River, which flows slowly from the Pittsburgh. Three of them are the most famous, and the same three legs are called Three Sisters.

All three legs are named after Pittsburgh’s proud characters: pop artists Andy Warhol Bridges, Rachel Calson Bridge, and Roberto Clemente Bridge. PNC Park is a baseball field that looks far away as you cross the bridge. The Pitzburg Baseball Team Pirates Stadium is because the name is PNC Park because it was named from the PNC Bank, a Fansil Bania bank. The name of the yellow bridge enters the baseball field is Roberto Clemente Bridge.

The reason Pittsburgh commemorates Roberto Clemente was not the only famous 코인카지노 black player, which is comparable to Jackie Robinson, who broke Baseball ColorLine, which banned blacks. Most of all, he made his dreams with an indomitable will after a terrible poor environment, and was a warm person who had a lot of children to help children in poor and difficult environments like himself. Clemente, who had a lot of social service and donation, was not able to deliver relief goods to Nicaragua, a earthquake in 1972, and crashed on the sea while boarding a helicopter carrying relief supplies. When his death was passed down to the world, the river of the mourning of many people formed a river, and five years after retirement, he died in the 1973 Honorary Hall of Fame, breaking the practice that he could be named in the New York Cooper Clown Hall of Fame. He is a historical figure.

After looking around the city of Pittsburgh, I finished the Carnegie Melon University, the Carnegie Library, the Carnegie Museum, and the Andy Warhol Museum. And I waited for the shuttle bus to the most famous Reverse Casino in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a city where tourist attractions are mostly gathered, and casinos are one of them. It’s a casino that’s only a slot machine, but sometimes you want to be drunk in that fun. I don’t usually have a drink, but I think I want to drink cocktails and beers in the casino for some reason. So I decided to leave the car. I was waiting for the shuttle at the entrance of the hotel, but somehow my guests were. As the departure time came, I was impatient and I thought I would just go in our car without other customers. It was uncomfortable to run a shuttle bus because of the two of us. The knight who came to the time while thinking about it was very kind to us. For a long time, he talked about tourist destinations to go to Pittsburgh, and he told Heinz Fields and the story of Pittsburgh that we didn’t know. In particular, I was born here and grew up here, so it seemed to have a lot of beautiful and heartbreaking memories.

Sitting in the back seat, the shuttle arrived at a huge light -flashing casino while sitting in the back seat and dripping in a beautiful night view along the Pittsburgh Allageni River. I usually give you a tip of $ 5 per person when using the shuttle, but I was so sorry for what I had to ride. He smiled as ‘Good Luck’ and gave me a business card, saying that he would come to pick it up when he called. Despite the knight’s support, we were not good luck that night. I just had fun and met with Knights and got on a white bus that returned to the hotel. But it was not the hotel where the knight loaded us. He showed some of the places he informed him on the way, and showed the most beautiful night view of his neighborhood, Washington Mountain and Pittsburgh.

It was an observatory that stopped the car and asked me to look down for a while. I felt a different emotion from the atmosphere of Manhattan’s view from the top of the Empire State Building or the Rocker Feller Center, the Eiffel Tower or the Montparnasses. The Church St. Mary of Mount Church is also a very famous place, and people came to the end late at night. I visited the hotel late at night while listening to every corner of the corner. I was so grateful and excited about the unexpected favor. I just missed it for some reason, so I drank a cocktail in the bar.

The next morning, as the knight advised, I went back to the Grand View Street Observatory early in the morning and noticed Pittsburgh’s panoramic view. It was a different atmosphere from the brilliant inconsistent night view. On the hill across the hill, Carnegie Library Mount Washington Branch was designated as a national historic site. A little further from the observation deck, I went to the street that I visited last night. It is a friendly place where Onggi species are gathered with a barber shop, a steak house, an ice cream shop, a building that was a prison long ago, a small grocery that was a bakery when you were young.

And there is a place to ride the enclosure right across from that. It was a way to move the materials for the steel business, and before the enclosure was created, workers used the stairs to move the materials. How hard it was. Then there was an enclosure, and people used as a commuter means like the subway. Knight’s grandfather says he has been commuting down in Washington Mountain for 42 years or on its enclosure. We also wanted to ride. It was a neat atmosphere, and the one -way was $ 2.75 and the round trip was $ 3.75. The interior was very neat. It was an early morning morning, so there was only our guests. The view was great. Looking down, I was dizzy.

If the film that comes to mind in Philadelphia is [Philadelphia] starring Tom Hanks, Pittsburgh comes to mind with a wonderful movie [Flash Dance] full of Jennifer Bills’ dazzling dance. In particular, Irene Kara’s theme song ‘Flashdance .. What a Feeling’ is a familiar song for those who haven’t seen the movie? The attractive heroine Jennifer Bills, a provocative and bold pose and a doll -like appearance, and a sensational body, is an eighteen girl who works as a steelmill welding. He works at the steel mill during the day, but dances at the nightclub at night. Because of the dream of becoming a dancer. The film, which works hard day and night and lives hard after dreaming, draws up the friendship with friends who have dreamed of their hearts. There is a friend who dreams of a figure skater, and there is a boyfriend of Genie who wants to be a comedian. One day, a new relationship came to Alex, the president of the steel mill. Nick first saw Alex in a nightclub and was in love with Alex’s dancing like all men. Alex, who is reading a book in a corner of the steel mill, asks what book he is reading, and when he says that he is a French book, he only sees the pictures. So Alex and Nick are close. One day, Alex is courageous to go to a ballet school, but he comes back with the idea that it is not a place to be. I wanted to participate in the dance competition, but I was discouraged by saying that I needed a letter of recommendation. Alex, who is pleased to receive a notice and runs, is angry as he knows that Nick has written his hand. After worrying, he participates, and shows a dancing dancing so much that all the judges are missing the soul. Alex rushes to Nick, and Nick, who was hoping for Alex more than anyone else, gives a red rose bundle. It’s been more than 30 years, but it’s a new, exciting and wonderful movie again. The mourning and dreams of steel workers full of rare smoke, noise, sweat and dust are melted, and you can meet many places of Pittsburgh, including the Carnegie Museum.

The enclosure, which maintains a slope of 70 degrees at the length of 800 feet, has only one minute of operation, but it is very slow to enjoy the Eligeni River and the Pittsburgh downtown because it goes so slowly. Arrived at the history below, I walked around the street and watched it. Mount Washington’s inclined hills were first built to carry cargo at first, but they were more and more people carrying more people than cargo. The history dates back to the 1860s, when German immigrants were in the midst of the growth of the steel company, where the workers worked to Pittsburgh. It was settled on these high hills, and it was too hard to go to the riverside from a high hill every day. So I thought of a cable car that was common in Germany, and in 1870 the monogella enclosure was first constructed.

At the time, a lot of enclosure was carried along the hills, but as a new road and the number of people using the enclosure decreased, most of the enclosure disappeared, and today only two enclosure remains in the sense of keeping the history, and the representative of Pittsburg It became a tourist course. As I came down and watched the surroundings, another enclosure was going up the hill.

I went back to the hill by enclosure. And once again, the Pittsburgh downtown was full of eyes and heart, and then slowly turned. When I remember Pittsburgh, I always remembered the noise, smoke, and the sky of the steel mills, but now I can see the unfamiliar tourist couple the beautiful night view of Pittsburgh until late at night, and share the friendly memories as a child. It seems to be warm.

I think … cancer

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The cause of the decline in cancer mortality in the United States was the spread of alternative therapy.

2016/11/8 2017/6/7

To read everything to the following

Keiichi Nakagawa, Associate Professor of Radiological Department, University of Tokyo Hospital

according to,

“Approximately 570,000 people die in the United States for cancer in one year. Approximately 360,000 Japanese people are Japanese, but when converted to population 100,000, the number of Japanese deaths is about 1.6 in the United States. It’s doubled. Surprisingly, Japan is the only country that continues to die due to cancer, despite being a developed country.

What triggered the decline in cancer mortality in the United States


In this report

“Normal therapy with the current anticancer drug for cancer

“The more anticancer drugs and multidrug administration groups, the more” life -related side effects “are 7 to 10 times.”

“Rebreeder in 5-8 months even if the tumor shrinks”

“In the case of multi -agent administration group, the period of survival is short even if the tumor shrinks.”

It describes the clinical trials that overturn the modern treatment “common sense”, and “patients cannot be saved with anticancer drugs” and “administration is malignant”. “Is concluded.

With the emphasis on this result, the Gun Problem Investigation Committee was organized in 1988, and a comparison of normal therapy and emergency therapy (generic treatment) was conducted.

The non -normal therapy described here refers to a treatment -based treatment that the body’s resistance is enhanced by diet, nutrition, immunity, natural food, and psychotherapy, and to cure it naturally.

As a result, the conclusion was that non -normal therapy had a higher cure rate without side effects. “

“In response to these reports, the U.S. government set up a complementary alternative medical bureau in NIH (National Institute of Health in the National Health Institute in 1992, and started working on scientifically researching and evaluating complementary medicine. Safety. If there is a problem, it is a stance that you should give an alarm to the people and use it more and more if it is safe and effective.

By the end of the year, the Supplementary Medical Bureau continued to expand, and in 1998, the name was renamed the NCCAM (National Supplementary Medical Center) and was positioned as one of the National Medical Center.

Of the 125 universities of the US Medical University Association, 82 universities have set up classes and after graduation courses for complementary alternative medicine, and super -universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Colombia have established a complementary alternative medical research center. “

According to the number of RCT papers on various complementary alternatives, the number of reports of RCTs has increased dramatically. (Randomized Controlled Trial: Randomization comparison test implemented as the most accurate method of verifying the effectiveness of RCT treatment)

According to it, 97 % of cancer patients try alternative medicine.

“From February 1997 to December 1998, 356 adults living in western Washington, which were diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer, were interviewed over the phone, and about 97 % of the alternative medical care was some alternative medicine. He used it, and as a result, almost everyone said he was feeling better. “

The hospital also uses existing medical care and alternative medical care.

“New York’s Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Cancer Center is one of them. Doctors and alternative medical physicians form a team, and use alternative medicine that meets existing medical treatment and patient needs to work on the best cancer treatment. There is. It is possible to receive alternative medical services in both outpatients and hospitalization. Combining existing medical care and alternative medicine increases the desire to fight patients and has a remarkable treatment effect.

In addition to massage and needles, the alternative medical treatment here includes mind therapy such as music therapy, meditation, biofeedback, self -hypnosis, and yoga. “

The decline in American cancer mortality rate is extremely high from ordinary therapy such as anticancer drugs, which triggered the “OTA” (Office of Technology Assessment) report (1977 McBagan Report). A major change to therapy (almost alternative).

According to the US NCCAM (National Supplementary Medical Center), alternative therapy includes the following:

In my remote purification, in this category, “I wonder if it will enter the Reiki, healing touch of other energy therapies. I don’t need touch (laughs).

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Cancer patient laughing in comics Robo AI technology, mistakes

Kyodo News Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Osaka International Cancer Center (Osaka City) has begun demonstration research whether it can make cancer patients laugh using a “comic robot” that automatically creates a script with artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with Konan University. On the 21st, the comic robot “Ai -chan” and “Gonta” appeared and demonstrated three times. He didn’t laugh, but some had a laugh.

The comic Robo has acquired a variety of knowledge on the Internet based on the web news related to the given theme, and automatically created a script for comics in a few minutes.

In the theme of the “Osaka Expo” issued by the patient, he chose the popular idol group “Kan)” Kanjani Eight “as a celebrity who wants to go together, but mistakenly said” Seki Jani Eight “. In the last mystery, he was laughing, saying, “I’m with the staff in Osaka,” “my heart is” and “Both are popular (term).”

There were many orders, “It was not interesting. The intonation of the Kansai dialect was strange” and “I still have a lot of true hitting”, but a female employee (29) in Konohana -ku, Osaka was “I didn’t expect but it was fun. I want you to be a spoken person because I have more time, so I smiled.

Professor Akiyo Nadamoto of the Faculty of Intelligence Information, Konan Daisakusen, said, “I felt that there was a more easy -to -understand blur. I want to pursue it. “

The Osaka International Cancer Center has been holding rakugo and comics performances in the hospital, and has been working on research on the effects of “laughter” for cancer patients.

Rakugo and comic viewing prize in cancer patients with “laughter”

Kyodo News Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Osaka International Cancer Center (Osaka City) has improved the quality of the life of cancer patients (QOL) by regularly watching and laughing at professional rakugo and comics on the stage in the hospital. It was announced on the 29th. Due to the improvement of the immune function, the company plans to continue investigating this year by changing the inspection method.

The analysis is 57 cancer patients under the age of 40 and under 65 who watched the performance once every two weeks. The research began in May last year, and the U.S. -North Korea office related to Yoshimoto Kogyo, Shochiku performing arts, and rakugo artists, the late Katsura -Bocho, cooperated. Rakugo artist Fumie Katsura, Katsura Bunchin, and comics All Hanshin and giants appeared.

According to the center, a questionnaire of 15 typical QOL items improved the pain and cognitive function. No major changes were confirmed in items such as sleep and appetite. Comparing the results of blood tests before and after viewing, the ability of substances to enhance immune function has been improved.

“In the Kansai region, I felt that I would be fine with laughter in Kansai, but I was able to show scientifically with the cooperation of many people,” said the center director Miyashiro Isao.

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If “cancer” becomes a ray at home

While listening to comics and rakugo

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“Brain tumor” diagnosed as difficulty in surgery and provided phototherapy

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Remaining cancer in lymph after breast cancer surgery

Discover and overcome uterine cancer

Aftereffects of ovarian cancer surgery

Encounter with recurrent patient A (ovarian cancer / mucous glid cancer)

Pancreatic cancer diagnosed with 3 months for life expectancy

4.5cm prostate cancer has been confirmed

“Light treatment” started due to leukemia

Overcoming colorectal cancer and transferred liver cancer

Attenshea, hepatitis and liver pyroolic cancer

So, in the family

The rays are good

For 60 trillion cells on the whole body

Home treatment is the best to avoid lowering the quality of life (QOL)

Don’t worry about side effects, treat at home

Medical Saint Hippocrates

“Every human being has a hundred doctors in his body.”

If you warm your body with “rays”, “hundreds of doctors will work fully in yourself”.

Light creates a smart system that prevents cancer

In our bodies, cancer is constantly generated, and the immune system always monitors, recognizes cancer cells as foreign substances, and is excluded without knowing it. This is called the immune monitoring mechanism, which prevents the occurrence of normal cancer by this system.

Immune cells that attack cancer cells include killer T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and macrophages.

Killer T cell

The cancer cells that act by these immune cells are limited to several types of cancer cells, such as malignant black tumor, colorectal cancer, and liver cancer.

Natural killer (NK) cells

This NK cell attacks relatively wide variety of cancer cells.


This immunity releases tumor necrotic factors such as TNF -2 by macrophage activation factor such as interferon and destroys cancer cells.

These systems prevent our bodies from becoming cancerous, but we must recognize that the driving force is solar rays.

that’s why

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People who like tests at the hospital

Be careful about medical exposure

To prevent unnecessary tests from getting “cancer”

You should know the fact that you have been diagnosed with “cancer” and have died due to the medical practice

Books written by doctors

If you die anyway, “cancer” is good

Hitoshi Nakamura Makoto Kondo

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.

What I say in this is that “cancer” does not hurt, but it hurts because it does various things as a medical practice.

P-24 “Cancer patient” in a nursing home that does not hurt alone

P-34 “Potential” and “Cancer Doki” that can be found as much as possible

There is a lesion called “potential cancer”. You can see it for the first time after dying and dissecting it for other causes without any symptoms. This potential can be found in various organs quite often. For example, one in two men over the age of 50 can find prostate cancer after death. However, it is a “potential cancer” that does not grow even if you leave it alone.

Also, if there is a way to detect a slight lesion, one in three Japanese will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But there is one possibility of death from thyroid cancer in 1000.

The more you check the details, the more you use the state -of -the -art aircraft, the more you will find the cancer. But most of them are potential cancers that do not take life. Even if you leave it alone, it will not grow or disappear.

Those who bothered Nakamura cancer and had to have surgery or anticancer drug treatment would have had any subjective symptoms. If you don’t even receive a human dock, you’ll be able to play an active part on the line, but it’s a shame.

that’s why

“Rays” is good

It’s also at home

To avoid lowering the quality of life (QOL)

For 60 trillion cells on the whole body

Home treatment is the best to avoid lowering the quality of life (QOL)

Medical Seiji Hippocrates

“Every human being has a hundred doctors in his body.”

“It’s the body to cure, not a doctor.”

I say

To a famous doctor in you


“Warm your body” and the illness will 메가슬롯 surely be cured

Mikasa Shobo Co., Ltd.

Doctor Yumi Ishihara

“Warm your body” and your illness will surely heal

Do not use any meds

Is published.

If you warm your body with “rays”, “hundreds of doctors will work fully in yourself”.

“Rinse” is not just warm

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Chapter 1 It is better not to take medicine

Chapter 2 Why is enzyme essential to the body?

Chapter 3 Good eating habits that enhance natural healing power

Chapter 4 Basics of life that keeps doctors and medicine away

When you warm your body, the enzyme is activated

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Doctor’s lie

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Light treatment experience blog

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