Western Australia 1st day: Perth arrival

Yes. We went to the worst two days ago and headed to Perth again. The detention seems to have not been solved at all, followed by follow -up measures for the shocking cancellation of J*airlines (concluded that the expenses were not preserved, and I received the credits that could be used when purchasing tickets for the cost, but there is no more use. I couldn’t do it, but I was forced to lead my tired body and headed to the airport.

The destination for this trip is Western Australia, which could not go under the Australian sky for a long time. WA, the leading WA, has just opened the main world because of Kovid. Recently, even when the cobid confirmed recent, other states did not have strong blockade measures as they used to be, but WA continued to close the main system since the first Kobad confirmed person. Finally, earlier this year, the Cobid vaccine was vaccinated to the third and only those who were approved by the state in advance, and finally withdrawn all restrictions from the last time of the Easter.

I tried to travel to Perth before, but I canceled it with Covid once, and I received a J -airline credit and booked in advance. I regretted that it was a difficult plan to travel twice during a short vacation for two weeks.

In fact, WA has a lot of places I want to go because we feel something different from the NSW state we are doing. I wanted to see Pink Lake, Opal Mine, and Shark Bay, where dolphins come to the beach, and the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, which my husband wanted to see. As I planned to travel to the car, the places I wanted to go were so large that they could not be able to drive because they were so large that they were so large. In addition, I was a cabinet license, so I had to drive my husband alone. So I took a six -day, seven -day schedule to be the shortest drive.

Before leaving, he said that there was a person who lived in Perth at his husband’s work, so he asked me to ask a restaurant or a place to go. “Isn’t there a rock there? Do you want to see that? ” “Oh, it’s meaningful to see that. under. under. Ha ”said he had a urgent probation.

The first thing to talk about this trip is that “one rock is meaningful to go to see.” I think it’s a meaningful process for spending troops with 카지노 the huge nature that my family has seen together, not just the result of a picture taken from a rock.

After about five hours of flight, which is longer than ever, we finally stepped on the ground. At the beginning and end of this trip, it was the service of the car rental company that embarrassed us. Arrived at about 4 pm, the car rental company closed at 3 o’clock and asked for an additional 50 additional cost. It’s a holiday season, but the car rental company is closed so early? Besides, additional costs? However, when I traveled, I paid a little bit of ripped off and paid a very clean four -wheel drive.

The first impression of the city called Perth was like a very clean and well -planned city like the capital, Canbera. On the first day, the first day began to buy a bunch of bottled water, Korean foods, and snacks. The first day’s accommodation was a crown hotel, probably the most colorful hotel in Perth. We don’t live in a luxury hotel when we travel, but I don’t know why we booked this luxury hotel. Perhaps we continued to make a reservation and repeated the cancellation, so we wondered if we wanted to make a reservation for about a day. The children were excited about the gorgeous hotels and were able to dilute the fatigue of the last trip, which was difficult and luxurious. My husband liked that he had taken $ 50 to the casino at the hotel alone.

On the first day, it was rewarding to spend money at the hotel. We started my trip to the backcountry with the rechargeable mood the next day.

Sukiyaki evening 2021.3.13 Spring is spring, so the tablecloth with green stripes is changed to the mat. As it is. As for the dish, I chose a large pink rose dish with the image of spring flowers. It is a dish of Italian dishes tights by designer Emilio Bergmin. The glass is boiled in Baccarat Old Fashion Shan White Asparagus, boiled anchovies and Italian parsley into 5 mm and cut the parmesan cheese on top of the asparagus. Eggs are pork dried. Put the eggs quietly in the hot water with salt and vinegar. Apply balsamic and olive oil to the whole. H, which is elaborate for the material, the eggs are flat chicken vegetables are Shuniku Italian parsley brown mushroom tofu tofu (Shirataki was this half of the brand Shirataki) The seasoning is M. 。 The lard is baked on the bottom of the pan, soy sauce white white and sake mirin are used in the first teas of spoon, and the traditional manufacturing method of old -fashioned style is alive. In the middle of the Edo period 1814, the Sagami family, the second generation of Sagami, succeeded in brewing a beautiful and clear white green mirin. This became a very popular reputation in Edo, and spread throughout Japan as a restaurant. As this mirin was decreasing, I ordered 바카라필승법 N. It is popular and the production is not in time for 4 months

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