Speaking of the afternoon break, it’s a snack time. Especially when you are busy, you need a sweet thing that makes your tired heart and body loose! Prepare convenience store sweets that fit cold drinks, or put special cakes in the refrigerator. Snacks always deliver happiness to us. If you put it on your favorite container, you should have more time to relax. So, this time, I will introduce the “Story of the Utsutsutsuwa” that I love. [Photo] Daily living every day will be more fun! A long -established confectionery store Matterhorn, Matterhorn, a long -established confectionery store at Gakugei University, made with a long -established Western -style confectionery and Ginori 1735, a long -established Western -style confectionery that you want to use as a pair. Because it looks simple, I tried to match it with the picture plate of Ginori 1735. As the name of Orient Italiano, a popular design that combines exotic atmosphere and Italian essence. Because there are pictures on the whole, sweets with a simple image will turn into a much more modern impression. Although it is a western confectionery, the cup is not a tea cup, but a buckwheat Inoguchi as a teacup. I like this balance like me. On the antique picture plate, the snacks at convenience stores are evolving more bittersweet and sweet convenience store sweets. My recent favorite is Lawson’s tiramisu. Because it can be frozen, it stocks and supports 코인카지노 busy days. Of course, it is delicious even if you take it out of the bag and eat it as it is, but it takes a little effort. A smart accent with a little bit of an antique picture plate with a hundred people. Japanese tableware is actually easy to use as a cake dish. In addition, the antique container with a pattern is a must -have item that upgrades simple dishes and snacks. In addition to using it once during the New Year, I use it on a daily basis at my home. For example, a 3 o’clock snack time starts with a cut fruit and hot hojicha. A polite life because it’s a busy day. I can’t do it easily, but it’s one of the things I keep in mind. The snacks while working on the desk work are Astier de Vilat and Damier Matterhorn’s sweets, and this Damier actually likes more than Baumkuchen. It is a nostalgic cake with butter cream and chocolate coated with two types of sponge. Damier has a beautiful cross section, so put it on the Astier de Vilat plate. Matcha latte and favorite cake. I want to keep a look at such a happy sight, but in reality, I desperately write manuscripts with makeup and pajamas. This is my real (laughs).

It is Zubari, Daikok Electric.

Even with the name IR, it was explained that the business outlook would be better next term.

Moreover, this year seems to be the 50th anniversary and there is a commemorative dividend? I am expecting.

There is no good image for pachinko and pachislot, but the reduction rate of lotteries and public gambling seems to have a pachinko reduction rate of about 85%, and the pachinko population is about 8 million.

The return rate for public gambling is 65-75%and the lottery is 46%.

Recently, the closing of the pachinko parlor is conspicuous, so if you ask a question about this point, it seems that the profits of small stores around you do not rise because it is a large store. Pachinko industry 💦

The largest pachinko parlor is a pachinko parlor in Saitama Prefecture.

Maybe this store

Although the pachinko population is declining, around 8 million people have continued, so it seems that the industry will lead to sales as long as there are some people who are bad but depend on some people.

Investing is not possible with just beautiful, so if you are a healthy person who thinks “pachinko is harm”, it is better not to invest in a company that makes pachislot aircraft.

However, it is also true that about 20 % of investors can receive dividends thanks to 80 % of those who do not know anything. Which one to take is self -judgment.

By the way, from the viewpoint of prevention of infectious diseases, a new stand that does not come into contact with the “ball” that many people touch in Daikoku Electric will be delivered to pachinko parlors from November this year to pachinko parlors from next spring. It seems that sales and profits are expected to increase.

It is planned to increase sales in the financial results for this term.

The dividend yield of Daikoku Electric is almost like this.

The total yield is about 3.8% because you can get a 1000 yen Quo card with 100 shares with 100 shares in September.

The Quo card that can be owned for one year is 2000 yen, so the overall yield is 샌즈카지노 about 4.6%.

Even 100 shares cost 3,000 yen for more than 3 years, so it grows up to 6.1%overall yield.

Since it is a September right, how about one?