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5 hours from LA to Mega Bus. He entered Nevada with a path of wasteland. Every time I travel to North America, I want to say this if I go back to me as a high school student. “If you want to have your abundant trip later, it would be better to choose ‘world geography’ and ‘world history’.” If you have accumulated the wider world of knowledge in advance, it is a good regret and greed that the depth of the world travel is different. There is a great pleasure to know what you didn’t know, but there is a different joy in the discovery of travel as you know.

The charm of the road trip is that the scenery outside the window, which is equally suspended, is not boring.

The vague knowledge I learned in school is unfolded in front of my eyes. It is a living natural textbook.

After passing through the desert and residential districts, we finally arrived at Las Vegas Strip. In early August, midsummer weather is 40 degrees Celsius. Dry air, which seemed to dry out, was surrounded.

Unfamiliar Las Vegas afternoon

Las Vegas, the last city of the western trip. For some reason, it was obviously gorgeous, so I didn’t expect much. The city of the yellow night view and casino that have been familiar with the media. I just wanted to do that. So it was a bit unfamiliar when I faced Las Vegas’s ‘day’ landscape. The unexpected calm and calmness was welcoming, and suddenly I was curious about the ‘night’ landscape. How different is it?

Hotel road, picking up is fun!

In Las Vegas Strip, famous cities around the world are dressed in hotels and attracted like a neighbor’s cousin. Paris, New York, Venice, Egypt, Rome. It is quite plausible to be a miniature. Wherever you go, new themes are welcomed. Las Vegas’s accommodation costs are relatively inexpensive. The reason is to activate the use of casinos as a city of casino. A strategy to bring more people by providing staying at a relatively low price. So almost all hotels are casinos.

I wanted to stay in a variety of hotels, so I booked two hotels for three days in Las Vegas. There was a distance from the beginning of the strap to the end, so I had to sweat when I walked with the carrier. In Las Vegas, even if you don’t do anything, it’s just a day to see a hotel full of attractions. ‘There is no hotel like Las Vegas.’

Las Vegas Beginning, Buffet

The start of a trip to Las Vegas is ‘Buffet’, not casino. The cost is as cheap as the accommodation fee. You can enjoy the hotel buffet at a relatively low price. After all, the same reason. “I’ll make you feel free to get hotel and food. You just come and enjoy. It is easy to see this strategy and enjoy the casino. Some of the acquaintances who have been to Las Vegas have lost too much money with casinos and remain bad memories. I didn’t have any money, but I also played the game on the game of others. But I came to Las Vegas, but I can’t do anything. At the last minute, I put only $ 10 in the slot machine and a $ 30 in my hand. Unexpectedly three times profits, there was a temptation at the moment, but it stopped there. The money has a little memory that enjoyed one more meal of other hotels. Don’t be greedy that you are not swept away by the atmosphere, but enjoy the relatively inexpensive Las Vegas hotels and buffets.

When the darkness falls over the sky of Las Vegas, everything on the earth begins to shine. Who is more gorgeous? Be proud to be more gorgeous! Larger!

It is filled with shiny lights, noisy music, and the sounds of many people.

More unfamiliar Las Vegas night.

Las Vegas night when neon lights reveal the city. Is it the most glamorous city on Earth? At that time, it was the most colorful of the night I saw during my twenty -threes. ‘There is a world like this. It’s so unfamiliar. ‘

There are many things to see at night.

One of the world’s top three fountains shows ‘Bellagio Fountain Show’. It is a huge show in front of the Bellagio Hotel, and more than a thousand fountains dance to music and light. It is said to soar up to 300m long and 140m in length. Recently, there was a fountain show for BTS’s song ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Butter’. The status of K -pop, which has changed in ten years, is proud.

It is also fun to choose a variety of performances. Las Vegas’s three shows, Osho, Kasho, Lerrev Show, and the Sun’s Circus. I was worried about what kind of performance I saw. The other show seemed to be able to come back later, but Celine’s performance was a simple reason why she couldn’t see when she retired. (Celine Dion’s performance was a longevity concert representing Las Vegas. It started in 2003 and ended in 2019.)

When I listened to and , I was tearful. It was good to be able to watch the first concert of unexpected life with Pop’s Diva performance.

A book that reminds me of Las Vegas. At the time, Las Vegas became an important target of the protagonist in the best -selling 크레이지슬롯 in the United States. All were my choice.

I didn’t tee, but of course there was a little anxiety.

Traveling does not always mean that there is a great change in life. But the experience of new choices and accomplishment gives you a strong inner power every time you need when you live such a stable life.

In that sense, every time of life

To go on a trip is to give myself in advance

It’s like a gift.

Las Vegas, a tourist city in the middle of the desert.

I turned off the fire to go back to the hotel room, but

The gorgeous night view outside the window was quietly shining.

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