The truth of what you are doing for members and fans

The article on evidence is pasted (posted) at the end. (I borrowed from Meyou’s blog.)


Ningen observation monitoring

* This is fiction.

His outdoor restaurant on the sunset beach in Okinawa

A suspicious character wearing a Haranishi gorilla -like cover …

The customer is curious but curious.

When the food is served and the customer is enjoying the meal

… The venue announcement is.

“Welcome to Sunset Beach Restaurant today!”

Haranishi Gorilla -style character is approaching her.

Tsukasa “What? What happened? What? I want to play the piano?”

Go “…” (nodded)

Tsukasa “Can you play with that finger?”

Go “…” (Heat your chest)

Tsukasa “Do you want to do it?” “Are you all right?”

Customer “?” (Applause)

Sanceted beach has some crystal piano for some reason.

Go: (The song that I started playing was the Moonlight Daiichi Movie!)

Customer: “No way ~”

The sunset illuminates the crystal piano.

Go: I fall tears and tears, but I can’t see it because of the cover.

Customer: “No way ~” “Who ??”

Go: “I’m actually a pianist. I’m also playing songs. I’ll play my song from now on.”

Customer: “Shinken ??”

Go: Start playing Forever Love.

Customer: “No way ~” “YOSHIKI ???”

Go: The tears of the customer face tears, but they are invisible because of the cover.

And … I’m so impressed … I make a mistake.

Customer: “Oh?” “I made a mistake? I was saying my song.”

“Shinken?” “Isn’t it YOSHIKI?”

In fact, it does not happen like this.

Such a scenario is rejected.

There is no OK a scenario that damages your beauty.

Nevertheless, the scenario that made a mistake in playing “Forever Love” was too rude.

It’s impossible for a pianist, but it’s a finger dressed as a gorilla.

This time, I would like to think about the Haranishi gorilla style “breaking the drum” version.

* I’m sorry to refer to Haranishi Gorilla. I love Haranishi Gorilla monitoring. Haranishi is just a professional.

He is different from those who do not complete the work by repairing only the surface.

“YOSHIKI Surprise Operation”

“Advented to YOSHIKI monitoring”

A plan to surprise the reunion with Kotaro Koizumi for the first time in about 20 years.

Kotaro, who was working part -time there when the Hide Museum was created.

At that time, he met YOSHIKI in the special tent behind, and then said to the person with him, “He should be in the entertainment world.”

Kotaro, who has been working hard with the words, is impressed by the reunion with YOSHIKI for the first time in about 20 years.

Surely you will meet your father, Junichiro Koizumi.

I felt that Kotaro’s tears were real.

However, a considerable part of this surprise project was used for YOSHIKI’s own advertising.

While playing the video of “We are X”

① Won the world’s three major halls for the first time as Asians

Madison Square Garden

Carnegie Hall

Wembley Arena

(By the way, the two of these are achievements as X JAPAN)

② Respect from many artists, regardless of domestic and overseas

(Paul McCartney) (BTS)

③ Fashion icon that decorates the cover of the first Japanese man VOGUE JAPAN

④ YOSHIKIMONO was used for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics! *

⑤ Baccaratly selected as his 180th anniversary designer


⑦ Coca -Cola Real Gold XY

⑧ Rakuten Card YOSHIKI Design

It was a familiar advertising content, but it was a little caught

* ④ Used for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics

I moved to the next topic, but that? I thought and looked it up.

On YOSHIKIMONO Official Twitter (2021/8/9)

“YOSHOO News has been featured in Yahoo News that YOSHIKIMONO was used in the Tokyo Olympics closing performer costumes.”

There was a link, but the linked article was already deleted.

There were no other articles that seemed to be a hot topic.

I understand the enthusiasm that I wanted to get involved in the Tokyo Olympics, but don’t be too persistent.

This monitoring did not have any particular YOSHIKI’s performance.

(Ah! There was a challenge for piano performance and Mario game!)

When the content is roughly summarized

○ Surprise to Kotaro Koizumi by “YOSHIKI Advent”

○ Madame Tasseau’s descent from behind the wax form. Surprise the performers.

○ YOSHIKI’s brilliant career (all of the achievements of X JAPAN)

○ Promotion of projects and products currently ongoing

○ Challenge Super Mario

By the way, “Forever Love”, who played for Kotaro in a surprise, would have noticed that anyone who knew the song made a mistake.

As expected, the person himself explained after the performance. “When I saw Kotaro’s face, I was nervous and made a mistake.”

Did you play thousands of times? This song.

It’s a pianist who was nervous and made a mistake.

One thing was unpleasant.

The story of the old heroism.

He seems to have never seen monitoring (is it true? Are you checking Toshl’s appearance 코인카지노 programs?)

He likes to surprise people.

“In the past, X JAPAN did not increase the tension, so I broke the drum in the first song and returned. The members panicked. Nobody knows. The staff knew, but I really thought they would do it. I didn’t. “

⇒ YOSHIKI, a surprise lover

I was really angry with this.

The first song was destroyed by the drum and the live was interrupted by DAHLIA TOUR.

“DAHLIA” recording itself has an incredible feeling, but a tour was held by a close departure.

I think it was a time when the members were jerky.

At that time, he broke the drum and left because it was the first day of the tour.

The person himself is saying something that is selfish, such as being surprised, a stunning device, or tightening the members, but the live was interrupted due to this action. The customer was waiting for about 30 minutes until the drum set was replaced with a new one and it was resumed. (Normal driving if the start of live is delayed for hours)

It is not just for customers who bothered. Both members and staff.

About 27 years.

It is only uncomfortable to talk happily as a heroic biography in the program.

“Looking back, I think I did something terrible. I was sorry for the customer at that time. I’m sorry, and I really reflect on the fact that I have done something wrong with the members. “

I apologize!

How does this person appreciate what he has done? Will he never reflect on him until he dies?

It’s okay to wait for the customer.

The rehearsal is a good idea.

Recording swings the members depending on their own convenience.

At the end of the clause, the release of the album for over a decade is up to you.

There are still more …

I will spare money to raise myself.

Since the album does not appear, the members have no distribution of profits.

X JAPAN’s past achievements are monopolized.

Rakuten clutch fundraising is monopolized.

In the shade, I do things that seem to be bullied against the members.

He does not keep his promise (what he stated).

Ignore if it becomes inconvenient.

… Busy, not sleeping, sick, helped someone… What should I do?

There is still … Oh, I’m tired

In this monitoring, Tatsuya Ishii of the US CLUB finally performed his own song, “You are just there.”

Those who were listening are tears, tears …

In the case of Toshl, you can tell that you are Toshl just by listening to the voice without having to make it look.

But why don’t you sing your own song (X JAPAN song)? can not sing?

… Everyone thinks so.

TV officials and performers … I don’t want you to be deceived by the brilliant background, beautiful words and narratives that YOSHIKI will show off.

What do he do to create beautiful images and great achievements …

I want you to know the truth of what you are doing to members and fans.

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